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Karim's Knowledge Wiki 🌿

I learn and re-learn a lot of things and try to write them down in a place where I can find them again and recall them. Besides that, by being on the internet every day, I find many interesting/cool/usefull/beautiful things, which I want to document in the same way.

This "wiki" or "digital garden" should help me to write down this knowledge in a structured way and make it reusable.

All this is forked and inspired by Nikita

My name is Karim, if you want to know more you can visit my website.

TLDR: Karim Ould Mahieddine, Software Engineer from Germany.

Some Links:


To keep this wiki in sync on my different machines, I wrote this raycast script.

Before I start writing anything I open raycast and run this script, this way I can keep the repo in sync on all my machines without much effort.